Please vote for Iman Madihah

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Terima kasih.

Family & friends, please vote for my IMAN MADIHAH ABD NIZAM. How to vote?

You must first like the Facebook Page of Cuties Baby at, then navigate to the photos in the albums, then you will be able to "Like" the photo to cast your vote.

Please click here and LIKE - Baby #260 IMAN MADIHAH

Remember, only "Likes" at this Facebook Page ...will be counted as vote. If you have shared out the link, and your friends "Likes" your link instead of the photo at this Facebook Page, those "Likes" will not be counted as votes.

Thanks for your vote then!

Ibu Iman: saja jak.. sik la mengharap nak menang... dah ada gambar dah pakei bilit Iman di umah baru.. hehe... nama IMAN salah!! it suppose IMAN MADIHAH

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