Selasa, Ogos 12

Today is Tuesday

Blogging from my home sweet home

Today is Tuesday.

My super dizzy day.

Got class from 11 am to 5 pm.

No lunch, ok?
Heavy lunch, I meant.

Still have my tuna sandwiches to alas my tummy.

Alhamdulillah, ok la.

At least I'm not starving.

Kalo kebulur kang jadi mama singa lak.


After 5.
Met him at Sukmaria after work.

Sangat la kebulur.

We both ordered nasi goreng
And yummilicious!

We eat and eat without talking to each other.

Macam orang perang dingin.

Normal situation maa..


Bila dah tepuk-tepuk perut cam munyit ni.
Baru reti nak bercakap.


Then, Abang Amat Cabinet came.
He showed our room cabinet drawing.

And it's time to discuss bout the price.

Oh. no. RM again.

Tokey Abang Amat Cabinet = "Aku kayo kayo.."
Me and him - "

As a conclusion, we finally agreed with the drawing.
And not to forget agreed to give the deposit to him at the end of August.

After 25th, of course.
After payday la tu.


And all... this is baby Nana.

My little cousin in Tawau.

Latest pic of her, mms-ed by my auntie.
Miss her smell so much.

Baby smell.
Bau baby oil tu y
ang sebenarnya.

pssst.. sora cam tak best la.. sengau

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